martedì 5 settembre
ore 8:30

Therapeutic Applications of Nitric Oxide in Cancer and Inflammatory-Related Disorders


The main objective and focus of this conference will highlight the most recent advances in the therapeutic applications of nitric oxide-based drugs, nitric oxide-generating systems, nitric oxide nanosystems, and nitric oxide derivatives in various human cancers and inflammatory diseases.

The conference will also feature special teaching sessions for young and new investigators interested in exploring and advancing nitric oxide research and translational applications.


  • 4 settembre, ore 8:30
  • 5 settembre, ore 8:30

Organizzato da

International Society for Nitric Oxide and Cancer, UCLA - The University of California, Università di Udine


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prof.ssa Valentina Rapozzi:
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Università di Udine, palazzo di Toppo Wassermann
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